How i wish he was mine!!! 

Enrique iglesias ❤ 

Lost inside your love :* 




 My favourite band ❤

Their songs are so amazing!!

I  connect to their songs by heart. 

Your favourite??

A dark yet tempting dream

He appeared from darkness, 

Came near me ,

His cold yet warm breath struck my lips ,

His soft and warm lips surround my lips ,

I am lost in him , 

His lips are like wine and i want to get drunk,

He is seductive,tempting,arousing…,

But as slowly as i start to melt in him he is dissapearing in the darkness ,

I call out to him but i hear nothing but echo of my desperate voice ,

He is fading…fading…,

Now there is nothing left but darkness…,

Still i can feel the warmth of his lips on mine, 

No matter how far you are , i can always feel you, 

I love you,forever

A book recommended

I would like to suggest this book , “All the bright places” by Jennifer Niven. This book is amazing!!!! I bet you guys won’t be ablr to put it down 

Lemme give the summary..

Theodore Finch (main male character) meets Violet Markey (main female character), who has bright hopes from future and is waiting her graduation days to end, while her aching heart struggles to overcome the grief of her sister’s death. Story takes a quick leap with their encounter on the ledge of the bell tower at school, which leave a vague notion as who saves whom.

Later when paired up for a project, both discover a new phase of their state. Flinch realizes that it’s only with Violet that he can be in his true self that is being weird. On the other hand, Violet discovers that she has actually started living her day instead of counting them just because of Finch. Love blooms unaware of the fate’s cruel arrangement. What’s in future for the couple? Will Violet accept Finch’s reality? It is a shattering, intense and powerful story of love.  

Of cousr i wont answer the question… No spoilers…

Please do read it. 

I bet you will completely fall in love with it. 

Long distance relationship…

Love is something which each one of us needs. We need someone who can take care of us. Someone who will always be there for us no matter what. We like to go out on dates with him/her. We also want to show off our spouse. But what if the distance between two people keeps on interfering? What if it keeps many of our dreams from us? 

The reason i have been typing that is – I am in ldr ….i love him immensely and so does he(i am very sure) but i cant tolerate this distance which keeps me away from him…away from his touch…away from his closure. We both are of same age. Very young as a matter of fact. The only connector between us is whatsapp. This ldr sucks!!! Sometimes his mom would take away his phone so that he can concentrate on his studies. So this keeps us from contacting each other for even a whole month sometimes. And in that long time period i sometime have these horrible thoughts like what if he is into some other girl too? I know i should trust him. But still i cant help it. On the other hand i cant bear anyone else saying a single word against him. 

But when he is back…everything changes…the only thing i can think of is – i love him so much and so does he. 

Is it okay too feel like that? I dont want my crazy thoughts to affect my relationship. 

Help me plz!! 

Autumn_girl (upset) 

About me nd this blog…

Hey everyone!!! As mentioned i am autumn_girl…I don’t want to showcase my real name … this blog is going to be anonymous the reason is that i dont want people to know my identity…its a request plz dont try to track my true identity. 

Guyz plz dont judge me either. 

My bff(whom i will be referring as Specky) suggested that i should maintain a diary so that i can express my inner thoughts but i found making a blog because i want to share my feelings with others who dont know my identity. 

Some details that i can give about myself are: 

Am a teenager 

Am a control freak

I love photography and music

I have 2 really good friends 

I guess these are enough (lemme know if i am missing any…in comments) 

So basically …this blog is gonna be about expessing our most inner views and feeling which we feel like telling …so that we know we are not the only ones having particular problems . this would make us feel better. And also so that we can solve each others problem. 🙂 

So…i better get going…plz leave comments would mean a lot to me 

Love. Xoxo