About me nd this blog…

Hey everyone!!! As mentioned i am autumn_girl…I don’t want to showcase my real name … this blog is going to be anonymous the reason is that i dont want people to know my identity…its a request plz dont try to track my true identity. 

Guyz plz dont judge me either. 

My bff(whom i will be referring as Specky) suggested that i should maintain a diary so that i can express my inner thoughts but i found making a blog because i want to share my feelings with others who dont know my identity. 

Some details that i can give about myself are: 

Am a teenager 

Am a control freak

I love photography and music

I have 2 really good friends 

I guess these are enough (lemme know if i am missing any…in comments) 

So basically …this blog is gonna be about expessing our most inner views and feeling which we feel like telling …so that we know we are not the only ones having particular problems . this would make us feel better. And also so that we can solve each others problem. 🙂 

So…i better get going…plz leave comments ..it would mean a lot to me 

Love. Xoxo 




colorful <3

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